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Real Estate Law

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing a residential or commercial property, you can expect the highest quality service from The Law Boutique.

Wills & Estate Planning

Use our form below to get started on your Will or Power of Attorney today! You can always expect the highest quality service from the team at The Law Boutique

Corporate & Commercial

Whether you are building your first business or simply redrafting a contract, we are here to help! Corporate and commercial law might be closely related, but they are indeed two separate areas of law. The team at TLB is ready to help with all your legal needs.

Virtual Notary & Commissioning

Thanks to the advancements in the legal industry, we can now virtually notarize or commission documents for you from the convenience of your home.

Entertainment Law

When it comes to copyrighted material or any type of contracts in the entertainment industry, we are here to review all of the provided documents of the contract and explain to you the details of your offer for you to have a complete understanding of your rights before signing any deals.

Drafting of Contracts

Whether you need a new contract for your employees or for a new business venture with a partner, or you need to update some details in an existing contract, we can assist with drafting up a legally binding contract for you and your parties ease of mind.

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