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TLB Retainer

Non-Refundable Retainer fee
Price – $250 + HST (13%)


Simple Will

Inclusive of one Simple Will

Price – $350 + HST (13%)


POA for Property

One Power of Attorney Document for Property
Price – $100 + HST (13%)


POA for Personal Care

One Power of Attorney Document for Personal Care
Price – $100 + HST (13%)


POA Combo Package

2 POAs (Property & Personal Care)
Price – $150 + HST (13%)


Will & POA Combo

Inclusive of 1 Wills + 2 POAs + 1 HCD
Price – $495 + HST (13%)


Family Will Package

Inclusive of 2 Wills + 4 POAs + 2 HCD
Price – $995 + HST (13%)

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Simple Payment

Please contact office prior to making a payment
Price – N/A

  • Cheque
  • Email Money Transfer (EMT)
  • Electronic wire transfer
  • Details are as follows

Please make cheque payable to “Hamzeh Law Professional Corporation” (Invoices only)

Send all e-transfers to “[email protected]” (Please include name of sender, company (if applicable) as well as file number in description)

Payments must include name of sender, company (if applicable), invoice number, file/matter number, and lawyer involved. Please add into the “Info to Receiver” field on wire form.

Beneficiary: Hamzeh Law Professional Corporation
3-297 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, ON L6J 1J3
Royal Bank of Canada 4011 New St, Burlington, ON
Trust acct CAD
Bank: 003
Transit: 00742
Acct: 1049899
All wires must include an additional payment of the incoming wire fee of $17 for deposits made to our RBC accounts.

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